Toruń has a very extensive public transport network. There are dozens of bus lines and several tram lines. Rail is also a convenient  mean of transport inside the town. In town we can also find 44 taxi stalls. Taxi ride within the administrative boundaries of the city cost approximately 1€ for first kilometer and 0,5€ for another kilometer.
View of Toruń’s old town is unforgettable experience for every tourist. In 2015 in Toruń we had almost 100 kilometers of bicycle paths:  main – connecting districts and leading out of town, collective – distributing bicycle traffic all over the districts, and local – serving the traffic in the estate.

City has rich bicycle infrastructure which consist of hundreds bicycle stands, roofed bike parking places and three self service bicycle repair station. Inhabitants and guests of Toruń can use program “Toruński Rower Miejski” (Toruń’s City Bike). There are 260 bicycles available for lovers of two wheels and so far 27 stations located in different parts of the city to enable quick and efficient movement in public space. Bicycle rental in Toruń is very popular.