Ladies and Gentlemen!

I invite athletes and fans of athletics, the Queen of Sports, to come to Toruń! We are proud that the 8th World Masters Athletics Championships Indoor  – Toruń 2019 will take place here, in the hometown of Nicolaus Copericus.

Let me assure you that the sports venues and facilities are well prepared for the reception of the athletes and spectators from all over the world. The main venue of the championships will be Arena Toruń – opened in 2014 state-of the-art sports and entertainment hall in Bema Street. It is here, on the blue running track that national, European and world athletics records are broken.

I am convinced that the guests and competitors will not only keep the memories of the great sporting event and excellent results, but also of the kindness and friendliness of local residents and the cultural richness of our city, which in 2017 celebrates the 20th anniversary of inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List. We are looking forward to seeing you in Toruń in 2019!

Mayor of Toruń

Michał Zaleski

Dear athletics enthusiasts!

I’d like to invite you to participate in World Masters Athletics Championships Indoor 2019 and explore the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship – the land of gothic monuments, beautiful lakes and forests.
This is an excellent opportunity for athletes from all over the world to enjoy the rich sports, tourist, and cultural offer of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian region. The biggest perks include the location at the very center of Europe, competitive prices, and traditional Polish hospitality. The participants of this athletics championship will surely be impressed by Toruń’s old town, the taste of local, stuffed gingerbread cakes, and the overall natural values the region has to offer.
Kuyavian-Pomeranian is all about sports. We’ve been investing a lot in sports infrastructure. In the last 8 years, we’ve devoted nearly 100 million Euros to building new courts, swimming pools, race tracks, and stadiums. The beautiful Toruń Arena where you’ll be competing has also been built with the help of Voivodeship Government.

See you in Toruń in 2019!

Piotr Całbecki
Marshal of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Masters,

We were very happy to receive the decision of World Masters Athletics to give Toruń the right to organise 8th World Masters Athletic Championships Indoor in 2019. The decision is a very big award for us and I am convinced that it is a result of very good reception of 10th European Masters Athletics Championship Indoor, which we organised in Toruń in March 2015. The positive comments were received both from the authorities of European and World Masters Athletics, but, more importantly, from a large group of participants, competitors, who came in such big numbers to compete in the European Championships in Toruń. It was these opinions that encouraged us to try to apply for organisation of the World Championships in 2019. Your positive feedback and our efforts resulted in the fact that on 30 October 2016, during the World Masters Athletics congress in Perth, Australia, the delegates gave us the right to organise the next World Championships.

Granting Toruń the right to organise such a big and prestigious sporting event is a big award for us and a big challenge and obligation. Grateful to the delegates, we can make a declaration that we are going to face this challenge and that we will meet the expectations of the authorities and participants who will come to us from all over the world. Polish hospitality combined with the highest level of organisation and quality of our sporting facilities will surely have the effect that in 2019, you will get a lot of in unforgettable and positive experience from Toruń.

Today, we encourage you to leave your e-mail address by newsletter subscription and to like the WMACI 2019 profile on Facebook. With that, we will know that you are interested in participating in the World Championships in Toruń, and you will allow us to send information about the stage of preparations for the championships and about the attractions we prepared.

Dear Friends, see you in Toruń!

With sporting regards,

Wacław Krankowski

President of Polish Masters Athletics