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This is the official website of the 8th World Masters Athletics Championships Indoor– Toruń 2019. Here, you would be able to find all necessary information related to the championships.

In 2015 at the Arena Toruń, took place the Xth European Masters Athletics Championships Indoor. There were 2186 participants from 37 countries, including several Olympians, who took part in this competition. Participants competed in 21 competitions. We noted almost 5 thousand starts. The best participants were decorated with 1689 medals in general. Sports level was very high. Top class surface let the participants beat 150 European, World and European Championships Records.

Toruń is well known in Poland and all over the world from professional organization sport events. The rating of the X European Masters Athletics Championships Indoor  also had a very positive outcome. Those high notes motivated the authorities of Toruń and Polish Masters Athletics to apply for right  to organize World Masters Athletics Championships Indoor. The result of this effort  was the decision made by the council of World Masters Athletics on 30 October  2016. Delegates of WMA in Perth decided that World Masters Athletics Championships Indoor 2019 will be organized in Toruń.

We, the organisers of the 8th World Masters Athletics Championships Indoor, allow ourselves to open our website: wmaci2019.com.

We also encourage you to leave your e-mail address. By that, we will know that you are interested in taking part in the championships in Toruń, but it will also give us a chance to inform you about the preparations for the championships and about the attractions we are going to prepare.

Today, welcome to our website and in 2 years we are going to wait for you in Toruń.